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About Maple Leaf Rentals

The goal of Maple Leaf Rentals is to provide the landlord and tenant with a highly personalized, professional and reliable service with the focus towards making the experience of visiting Manchester, Dorset and surrounding Southern Vermont community a positive memory.

Maple Leaf Rentals sets a high level of expectation for the property owner. For this commitment Maple Leaf Rentals strives for an equally high level for the renter. To achieve this we focus on the personal service approach. Maple Leaf Rentals handles any issue during the visitor's stay.

The property owner receives a comprehensive explanation of the services and how they are achieved. Since every property owner has different expectations for their property we prefer to meet face to face to look, listen and learn about your needs and concerns. Our service programs are designed in a comprehensive manner and customized for each landlord.

The same level of personalized service for the visitor begins from the first call of inquiry. Upon the visitor's arrival they know Maple Leaf is available 24/7 during their tenancy. We are only a phone call away from the owner, Brian Foerster.

Maple Leaf Rentals believes the visitor should know we are available day or night to handle any inquiry. Every day we strive to exceed expectations.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Brian Foerster
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  Maple Leaf Rentals
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Tel. 802-236-2029